Notice of Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") explains the way of treatment of the information which is provided or collected in the websites on which this Policy is posted. In addition the Policy also explains the information which is provided or collected in the course of using the applications of the Company which exist in the websites or platforms of other company.

Through this Policy, the Company regards personal information of the users as important and inform them of the purpose and method of Company's using the personal information provided by the users and the measures taken by the Company for protection of those personal information. 

This Policy applies to


1. Personal information items to be collected

A. The company collect the minimum personal information that company need for service delivery.

B. Here is how to collect your personal information:

- log-in Google game account

C. Personal information collected from users during the use of the service is as follows.

- Google ID, Nickname


2. Using Personal Information

  A. It is used for membership management, service provision / improvement and new service development.

  - Member login and management

- Storage and management of game information used by members

  - Record of usage for membership game status analysis

- E-mail and push message transmission of various events, marketing, etc.


3. Sharing personal information

A. The Company will not share personal information with a 3rd party unless you accept user agreement or it is prescribed by law.


4. destruction of personal information

A. In principle, the Company destructs the information immediately after the purposes of its collection and use have been achieved. The procedure and method are as follows.

- The Company destructs hard copies of personal information by shredding with a pulverizer or incinerating it; and delete personal information stored in the form of electric file by using technological method making that information not restored.

B. The Company separates or deletes the personal information of members who have not used the service for one year according to the ‘related laws', and the separated personal information will be destroyed without delay after being kept for 4 years.


5. Etc

A. The company protects your rights.

- You may view or modify your personal information at any time, or you may ask for withdrawal or termination of your collection / use. More specifically, you can click "Unregister" in the service to change or cancel the subscription through the service setting.
If you contact us by writing or e-mail through Customer Center, we will take action without delay. If you request correction of an error in your personal information, we will not use or provide it until you have completed the correction.

B. Responsible department of Company

- Name : Kyoungtae Lim

- E-mail :


C. Modification of Privacy Protection Policy

- The company has rights to modify your privacy policy for purposes such as to reflect changes in law or services. In the event that the privacy policy is changed, the company will post the changes and the modified policy will take effect seven days after the date of posting. However, we will notify you at least seven days in advance of major changes in user rights, such as items of personal information to be collected, changes in purpose of use, etc.

- The latest update date: 7/8, 2019